• Aqua Plaid Baby Bunnies set of 2
  • Stuffies-Post_0000s_0046_CLose-Up-Aqua-PLaid-Bunny
  • Stuffies-Post_0000s_0056_rear-plaid-bunny
  • Stuffies-Post_0000s_0057_Close-up-plaid-bunnies
  • Stuffies-Post_0000s_0055_Side-plaid-bunny
  • Stuffies-Post_0000s_0054_3_4-Pliad-bunny
  • Stuffies-Post_0000s_0049_Aqua-Plaid-Bunny
  • Stuffies-Post_0000s_0048_Side-view-Aqua-Bunny
  • Stuffies-Post_0000s_0047_Rear-Aqua-Bunny

NEW Baby Sock Bunnies, Plaid


Set of 2 Baby Bunnies, Made from NEW Cashmere socks with cotton face yarn. Filled with Poly and poly yarn tail.

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