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LaraGeorgine is a fine artist, illustrator and designer known for her fun drawings and detailed surface pattern design work. Her stylish work is easily recognizable by the spiffy palettes, intricate patterns and sweet or entertaining messages.


Communication, collaboration and honest working relationships always make the best end product(s). Let’s work together, so I can create characters and designs to make you (and your clients) smile. 

It’s easy to commission new art for your project. I’m flexible from my varied experience working on different types of projects for various end needs. I have two decades of experience in the design industry converting stories into brands, graphics, illustrations, animations and products. 

I really look forward to what we can do together!


To begin the process, email me with your:


Phone number 

Inquiry advising me of what you’re looking to do, and when you believe you need it by.


Please share any additional information you may have, such as:


Number of illustrations

Size of illustrations

What the uses will be, such as an ad, web use, brochure or magazine illustration, fabric or product

How long you want to use the art for

When you need the final art by

A budget you need to work within (if you have one)


I’m here to help you and I can assist you with defining what you need most.

Once we’ve squared away the fees and rights, I’ll send you a Job Confirmations with all the pertinent information, outlining fees, scope of work, due dates, what rights you are buying, any exclusives, the contact information for all parties, and other important information.


If the job increases in size or scope, it’s not problem. We’ll work out the details together.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions!

I’m open for commissions and  licensing opportunities. Contact via the form on the about page or email direct by clicking below email:

Info (at) LaraGeorgine (dot) com


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